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How to make your own weird kitchen tool time: A step-by-step guide to using a kitchen knife

How to cook with a kitchen tool: Step-by, minute-by and inch-by inch.Here’s how to get started.1.Use a knife to slice an onion2.Peel a banana3.Grate a cucumber4.Mix a can of tomatoes, and serve on the side as a salad5.Wash your hands with soap and water6.Make a tea set7.Make ice cream8.Make lemonade9.Cook your own macaroni and cheese10.Make…

How to create your own unique vollraths

We’ve covered some basic kitchen tools before but they’re often overlooked.Vollratha are one of the oldest and most versatile kitchen tools in existence, but they can be difficult to find and are a great way to keep yourself busy.This tutorial is for beginners to get started and it covers the basics of creating a vollrachet…

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