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A kitchen toolkit from rokKit for the Arduino microcontroller: A postmortem

The Arduino has been around for a few years now, and as the popularity of its hardware has waned, so has the enthusiasm it inspired among hobbyists.Now, with the Arduino Mega-Series 3, the company has launched a new line of accessories for the popular, low-cost, and open-source microcontroller.The kits range in price from $25 to…

How to save your money with this simple $2,000 investment

A few weeks ago I purchased a brand new electric kettle, which has been used for years to cook dinner.After I was done with dinner, I noticed a strange difference in the way it heated up.I was able to cook a meal in the kettle, but it would only heat up for around 30 seconds.This…

How to Build a Ladder and Tie It Up

If you’re looking to build a ladder, you might be interested in this guide on how to tie up a ladder.You’ll also find instructions on how not to damage a ladder and how to make a wooden ladder.Read more

What is rokKit Kitchen Tools?

rok.kit.tools is a product category for a new type of kitchen tools developed by a Japanese company called Rakkit.Its creators are taking a different approach to kitchen tools: they are designed to simplify everyday chores with a few clicks of a button.The company has already been featured on Fox News, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal…

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