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‘Shelter Kitchen Tools’ ‘Shed a Shed’ video shows what it takes to make your own tools

A new video that was recently uploaded to YouTube by a group of gardeners in the UK has been seen by many as a clever marketing tool for a new garden furniture company.The video, titled ‘Settle a Shed’, shows what you would need to assemble a range of tools from kitchen to sink.The makers, from…

Why do African kitchen tools make such an amazing difference?

When it comes to kitchen tools for African-Americans, the black household is often a bit of a mystery.And it’s not just because they have very little knowledge of the tools and how they work, but because they are often not in the habit of wearing them. A study by the Smithsonian African American Museum in Washington,…

Kitchen blending tools graphic: How to use a kitchen blending tool to blend the most potent flavors in your food

It’s a question you hear all the time: How do you make the perfect coffee, make the best ice cream, and so much more?But the real question is: How can you blend the best of your favorite foods with a blender?