Alligator kitchen shears are not a new invention November 26, 2021 November 26, 2021 admin

An alligator kitchen knife and alligator shears, which are not new inventions, are being manufactured in the United States.

The products, which were developed in Israel and have been on the market since the 1980s, are made by the company Parek, which is a division of the Israeli conglomerate Avigdor Liberman Enterprises.

Avigdor is also the parent company of the international Israeli jewelry company Meretz.

Azerbaijan-based Pareg, which has been manufacturing the knives and shears since the late 1980s and early 1990s, is currently working on a new version of the knife.

The new knife, which will come with an improved blade, will have a longer handle and be made from stainless steel, according to Paregs website.

The company said the new knife will be available for purchase in Israel in March.

The company does not specify the price.

Pareg is also developing a series of tools for animal kitchen use.

The products include alligator knives, which measure about 2.5 centimeters long.

They can be used to trim the skin on live animals and can be cut with a variety of cutting tools, including a sharp knife, the company said in a statement.

The alligator knife is available for $3,500, which includes a 10-year warranty and a six-month subscription to the company’s online magazine, “The Paregil.”

The new knives come in both stainless steel and titanium, and the titanium knives have a handle made from a material called “titanite.”