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The Singapore Food and Drug Administration has said it is investigating whether a company that sells tools used by some of Singapore’s most famous chefs is in breach of the Food Safety and Standards Act.

The agency on Tuesday said it was examining whether the company is operating under a licence that is in violation of the act.

It said it would take action if the company fails to disclose its licence to the regulator.

In August, the regulator announced that the company that was to be licensed to supply kitchen tools for the Singaporean royal family, Oxo, was found to have violated the act by failing to register its licence.

Oxo is one of Singapores biggest food companies.

Its Singapore-listed subsidiary, Diner Singapore, is also under investigation by the Food and Drugs Administration.

Last year, the FDA also found that Oxo had violated the food safety laws by manufacturing and selling food that contained a substance that the regulator described as a toxin.