Amazon is making the kitchen tools it sells in its stores and on its website more affordable by using Amazon Web Services October 14, 2021 October 14, 2021 admin

The Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the biggest cloud computing services, and Amazon has made its own hardware.

This week, the company announced that it’s adding the ability to install Amazon Web Servers (AWSS) on the hardware it sells on

The new hardware is the result of a collaboration between Amazon Web Systems and Amazon WebServices, which has long offered hardware to companies that want to build software to support the cloud.

The new hardware lets companies use Amazon Web Server as a hosting platform.

The announcement came as Amazon also announced that its third-quarter earnings beat Wall Street estimates.

It raised its full-year revenue forecast by about $9.2 billion, to $26.4 billion, and posted net income of $2.5 billion, or $3.02 per share.

The company reported net income for the year ended June 30 of $3 billion, beating Wall Street’s estimates by $1.5 per share and adding $5 billion in profit to its $28.2-billion operating profit for the quarter.

The company said it has more than 700,000 employees and had $4.6 trillion in revenue for the full year.