What you need to know about the new modular kitchen tools and farmhouse kitchen tool spreader May 25, 2021 May 25, 2021 admin

The kitchen tools division of German company Artkala has launched a new line of kitchen tools that it calls “modular.”

The company’s modular kitchen products are intended to fit on a single, simple to assemble package.

Artkala says it is targeting consumers who want modular kitchen instruments and farmhouses.

Its products, which range in price from $3,000 to $6,000, come with a range of features including a “kitchen cabinet,” an “infused” handle, and a “stove” tray for storage.

The kitchen cabinet has a built-in “vacuum” system that allows you to fill the kitchen with warm water to create a “cold room” that can hold up to two large pots.

Artksa says its kitchen tools are available in three basic designs, which includes a “classic” cabinet, a “vault” cabinet that can also be used as a “cooling cabinet,” and a larger “frosted cabinet” with a full-length “basket” lid and a small “fountain.”

It says that its kitchen products also include an “open” lid that you can use for cleaning.

The company has not announced pricing.

Artkla says its products have a “lifetime warranty.”

Artkals kitchen tools range from “basic” kitchen tools for a $1,000 starting price, to the “Vault” kitchen tool that costs $6.99, “Open” cabinets for $7,995, and “frozen” cabinets that start at $8,995.

The company is targeting the “cold rooms” market.

Artkos kitchen tools comes in three designs, the company says.

It has the Vault and the “Open,” a “Vacuum Cabinet” and a frozen “furnace” for storage, for a starting price of $699.

Artkos kitchen products include an open lid for cleaning and an ice maker for “ice-making,” and they are available as “Vial-Free,” “Freezer,” and “Baked” options.