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Pl8 kitchen equipment can be used for many things, but you might not realize how many different applications there are with the company.

Pl8 Kitchen has just announced a $15,000 grant to research kitchen appliances that can be connected to your smartphone and have a remote control.

The project will help us understand how this kind of smart home technology might be useful for home automation, security, and even the weather.

“It’s kind of like a smart thermostat,” Pl8 cofounder Alex Fink said.

“You have an app that’s on your phone, but it’s not smart enough to know when the temperature is going to rise.”

Fink is one of many researchers who are using automation to help people.

He told Fox News he got into cooking after seeing a documentary about a chef who used automation to prepare food that was supposed to be a traditional process, but he ended up being able to do it by using his smartphone.

Fink believes automation can be an effective way to improve the lives of people who aren’t necessarily able to cook.

He’s also interested in using automation for a wide range of other things, including the weather, as well as in other industries.

“[The automation] is really about making this stuff more efficient and making things that can actually save people money,” Fink explained.

Fink, who has also worked on projects with Apple and Google, said automation could be an important tool for people to have.

He added that automation could even make food safer.

“I think automation is really good at saving lives,” he said.

Pl8 said that its research will focus on the following: Using smart appliances to automate tasks and make it easier for people To reduce costs, and thus improve efficiency of services and equipment, while also improving safety, health, and well-being Pl8 will use automation to automate cooking tasks such as the prepping and cooking of dishes, and cooking the food using the phone, or through the Pl8 app.

Finking said automation is especially important when you’re cooking in an enclosed space, where it’s very difficult to control how your kitchen works.

He said the most common situations where automation could help include: The weather.

Weather is one area where automation can help reduce the cost of energy, as the heat from a gas stove can be more expensive than an electric stove, and the heat coming from the oven can be less expensive than a water oven.

The temperature.

The heat from an oven or stove can increase in temperature as it cooks food, so using automation can make it possible to increase the heat that the food cooks for.

Other automation applications include automation to make it simpler for people in the home to use their smartphones.

Pl 8 Kitchen is hoping to use automation in this way to allow users to quickly access information about a dish and even have their food remotely ready when they get home.

Another possible application could be for automation to control the temperature and humidity in the house.

Using automation for safety is important, Fink noted, because it can reduce the number of people that are at risk of heat stroke, cold exposure, and other health issues.

In a sense, Finking added, automation could also help prevent disasters.

“We think that’s a huge thing,” he explained.

“It could save a lot of lives.”

The research will be funded through a $1.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation. 

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